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.hack manga collage :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 4 6 my desktop 2 :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 3 17 happy bday 2 bb :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 4 14 awsome wallpaper by haseo :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 10 0 .hack::p.k, chapter 1 :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 1 59 halloween contest promotion 2 :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 1 2 contest promotion :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 0 8 haseo introduction flash :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 3 10 .....3 :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 3 14 brokenbiskits for prez :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 1 11 ...2 :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 1 8 wrong fight :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 1 12 haseo .hack fc promotion :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 1 9 .... :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 5 4 this is my desktop. :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 8 20 atori picture 1 :icondot-hack-fc-base:dot-hack-fc-base 0 1

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Enter CavianEye
CavianEye: Wow that monster was easier then I thought it would be. (sigh) Well, on to the next floor. Hmmm, left or right?  Yaaaa... left! Ah, a box….. just crap.  Oh well, I guess I can sell it or something.  This floor is different from the others.  Wow, these walls look like they have be stained with blood!
                      (Loud footsteps are coming from the next room and someone is yelling for help)
Wavemaster:  HELP!!!!!!!!
CavianEye: (stupid) Out of the way NOW!
Wavemaster: huf puf, thank you!
CavianEye: This looks like a level 65 monster, should be no problem, he moving kinda slow!
                      (CavainEye then jumps into the air to get behind the heavily armored knight and uses his twin blades to slice a hole in the armor )
CavianEye: Stupid monster, whats the use of having heavy armor if you are too slow to use it?
Wavemaster: Thank you sir!
CavianEye: (sigh)
Wavemaster: I'm new at this game, will you join my party?
CavianEye: So
:icondothackgallery:dothackGallery 2 1
Twlight heros part 4
Sora: wow I guess being a player killer has it advantages I guess? (laughs)
Baka-san: maybe we need to have another test sora! (laughs)
Takima: (sign) boys and there toys see ya losers later (gates out)
Baka-san: this time I get to pick the test sora!
Sora: oh man! I had a great idea to! Ok spit it out!
Baka-san: first one to kill 800 Mac Anu knights wins!
Sora 1,2,3 GO!
                            (sora and baka-san gate out)
Dark Aura (giggle) littler do they know about what is happening to them (giggles)
Kat: (huh I wonder what that was all about and who are theses people? Ummm…
Dark Aura: ummm whos there!
:icondothackgallery:dothackGallery 2 2
Twlight heros part 3
Baka-san: This place is, ahh... very dark? Now why am I here?
                                (Sora gates in)
Sora: HELLOOO!!! Uh, you again? (sigh)
Bake-san: Did you send me the message to meet here, little man?
Sora: Little man!? Lets test your spear skills out little boy!
                               (Takima gates in)
Takima: Whothe hell are you 2? And why did you send for me?
Baka-san: What?  Talk like that again and I'll take your life!
Takima: Yeah whatever, say what you want. (sigh)
               (A woman's voice calls the three to go inside the church)
????: Come inside the church, my three seeds of darkness……..
Sora: What the hell was that?!
Takima: So it wasn't your dum ass's that called me, was it ?
Baka-san: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sora: Woah, calm down there, lets just go in….
Takima: way ahead ….
                (all three go in and stand at the alter where a dark aura stands)
Dark Aura: I see that my seed have finally started to sprout ……
:icondothackgallery:dothackGallery 2 13
Elk and Kite +fan_art+ :iconelk64:ELK64 12 4 hack Halloween :iconlittleraeofsun:littleraeofsun 3 2
Heros of Twilight
The World has been free of corruption for many years... not but today... it starts all over again. The twilight heroes will arise again from they're sleep.
In Aqua Capital Mac Anu
Elk: Umm, I have to find that... ahh--what was it?  Something grass for Mia, but I don't even remember the name! (cries) What? (Reads massage from unknown user)
Meet at hidden forbidden holy ground? Hey it could be Mia! Ok then, I'm off.
Meanwhile at Highland city –Dun Loirag
Fly-dream: Uhh whats this? (reads message)  Umm ok, I guess I'll go.  What's the harm in it anyway? Fine.  Ahh.. what was the place again? Oh, hidden forbidden holy ground? Alright!
At Aerial fort-Lia Fail (aka net slum)
Miko: Wow this place is weird!  But look at my new spear!  This will get them back for what they did to me. Huh? ( reads message) I'm not so sure know about this... Well the key words are hidden forbddend holy ground, doesn't sound too bad.  I'll go!
At hidden f
:icondothackgallery:dothackGallery 2 12
Heros of Twilight - Part 2
--Contined from Heros of Twilight Part 1--
Aura: In this box, you will find what you need to stop the coming evil.
Fly-dream: Ok??? WOW! Check out this heavy blade with a skull! This is so mine! HAHAHA
Aura: You now have the power summon the monsters that you have killed in battle to aid you. But only a few monsters in The World are able to do this.  You must first find them, then defeat them in battle and they will join you…
Fly-dream: Uhh really? I don't really need that much help but ok…
Miko: Oh wow!  So cool!  It is a spear with angel carved into it!
Aura: Miko, you have the power to hack the gates and call mighty angels to aid you in battle. But you must first speak to them.  There are three to find, search well.
Elk: Wow, now you guys are chosen too!
Aura: Elk, you now have the power to data drain and you have a new spell. But you are the only one that can discover it for it lies within you… look deep into your soul and you will be able to
:icondothackgallery:dothackGallery 3 10
Huh, Me?o.o :iconreisuka:Reisuka 15 22 Kite smile :iconreisuka:Reisuka 14 30
Fight for fame
Sora: BOING! Zip!  Ah-ha!  I found you at last, my long arm friend!
Baka-san: hey you!
Sora: ???? (what?  How did he know I was up here) Oh well.
Baka-san: Ha, a challenge I see.
Sora: I've heard of you. People have been talking about a long arm that is said to be unstoppable.
Baka-san: Have they?  Whats it to you?
Sora: A test perhaps?
(Hidden in the back of a tree)
Elk: Yuh? What happening over there? Oh, not him again (sigh)
Sora: Ahhhhhh! Take this!
Baka-san: I see you are strong! Ha, but you can't beat me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Sora: Hmmm... looks like we are even! about a test to see whose stronger?
Baka-san: What kind of test?
Sora: I'm sure you have noticed the wavemaster behind the tree over there?
Baka-san: Yes. You noticed that too?
Sora: Heres the game: first to kill him is the strongest!
Baka-san: Ha! You dare challenge me to attack a weakling!?  Ha! Some other time!
Sora: If you think he's weak, go see for your self that he is not.
:icondothackgallery:dothackGallery 2 25
Tsukasa :iconbadmonkey911:badmonkey911 18 111 .halloween :iconnaerko:Naerko 20 17 Adventurer Concept :iconskeletalwings:SkeletalWings 31 178 Aura's Despair :iconsambaneko:SambaNeko 11 1 Midnight Kiss :iconkelticdragon:kelticdragon 4 8



Current Residence: in your "imagination"
Favourite cartoon character: ...all .hack?
ok i am very sorry guys.
you have the right to SHUN ME!

but seriously i am changing managment to my new file cause i dont like my old one XP nuff said.

:iconjozus: is your new leader! obey, his word is laww!!!

and for everyone that entered... i am sorry XP
you are all winners!

sorry for not being active. right now i promise nothing.

but i would try to come on regularily.

it seems that my presidents were not really updating the site... BAD PRESIDENTS! and for that i strip them of their rank!

now if anyone wants to be pres, sign up and i will do somthing for you. for the 2 old pres's you can sign up if you want to XP

anyways sorry guys!

really am ^^


ttyl jozus
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